Floods Can Be Incredibly Destructive

Save your property with professional water mitigation in the Hobbs, NM & Seminole, TX

A flood is one of the most damaging things that can happen to your home or office. In addition to ruining your floors and surfaces, it can also cause mold and mildew to grow. This can result in long-term health and safety issues. Reliable Floor Care Plus L.L.C. can provide professional water mitigation services for your home or business in Hobbs, NM & Seminole, TX.

Our team can perform residential or commercial:

  • Water removal
  • Water mitigation

If you have severe flood damage or standing water, do not try to remove it yourself. Some clients will try to remove water or to dry their property using fans and vacuums. These methods can encourage the growth of mold. Commercial grade equipment is the best solution for drying your walls and the atmosphere.

Reliable Floor Care Plus can even work with your insurance company. Let your representative know that you want Reliable Floor Care Plus to perform any necessary water damage restoration.

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Water mitigation when you need it

Many of our clients believe that water mitigation and water restoration are the same things. They are similar, but they're actually two separate processes. Water mitigation is the process of physically removing drywall, furniture and other objects that have been ruined, extracting the water, and disinfecting what remains.

The experts at Reliable Floor Care Plus can handle all steps in the water mitigation process. Schedule a consultation regarding your property in Hobbs, NM & Seminole, TX today.