Say Goodbye to Stubborn Carpet Stains

Using our professional carpet cleaning service in Hobbs, NM & Seminole, TX

When was the last time your carpet was professionally cleaned? If you're not sure, it's time to schedule a cleaning. The professionals at Reliable Floor Care Plus L.L.C. offer complete carpet cleaning services in Hobbs, NM & Seminole, TX. We can spot clean, remove dirt and brighten up traffic patterns quickly and easily. We can also do a deep clean to get rid of ground-in dirt and odors.

Our company offers three levels of service:

  • The Classic: This includes pre-vacuuming to remove dirt, followed by steaming and rinse solution. We'll finish by drying your carpets quickly.
  • The Deep Scrub: This includes pre-vacuuming to remove dirt, followed by cleaning with Arnold. Arnold is a scrub machine that removes what others cannot reach. This process is finished with steaming and a rinse as well.
  • The Guardian: This process combines the classic clean and the deep scrub. We will also apply a carpet protector to aid in repelling soils and spills in the future.

In addition to our three levels of carpet cleaning, we also perform very low moisture cleaning (VLM or encapsulation). This is a ten-step cleaning process that not only removes old residue that may have built up from previous treatments, but it dries very quickly, letting you get back to your day sooner. This method kills germs and bacteria as well.

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We'll remove every spot, stain and blemish

No matter what level of cleaning you choose, we'll make sure your carpets look and smell great. Our professional carpet cleaning methods go deep, killing germs and bacteria in addition to making them look better. Our crew is also trained in spot removal using excellent cleaning products that safely remove most stains.

Talk to our team about our carpet cleaning services in Hobbs, NM & Seminole, TX as soon as possible.