Restore Your Rugs And Upholstery

With our upholstery cleaning service in Hobbs, NM & Seminole, TX

Whether you own a home or business, you most likely have upholstered furniture and area rugs somewhere in your home or office. These items can provide both comfort and beauty. However, they're also magnets for dirt, germs and stains. These items must be cleaned regularly. Reliable Floor Care Plus L.L.C. has the staff and the equipment needed to handle all your upholstery cleaning in the Hobbs, NM & Seminole, TX.

Did you know that it's important to have your floors cleaned shortly after you have your furniture and rugs cleaned? This keeps dirt from transferring from your floor to your newly cleaned furniture. Learn more about upholstery and furniture cleaning when you call 575-942-2303 now.

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Our cleaning processes

At Reliable Floor Care Plus, we use similar yet specific processes for rug and furniture cleaning. We cater each process to the type of fabric and the size of the item. Here's a summary of each process:

  • Rug Cleaning
    We use a simple hot water extraction rinse to clean rugs on-site. If we need to deep clean rugs, we will take them to our shop. This allows us to deep clean finer fabrics. Our crew is usually able to remove saturated stains caused by pets, soil and allergens.
  • Furniture Cleaning
    We also use our hot water extraction method to clean most upholstery. Our system uses a low-flow tool so we can use hot water and not oversaturate the fabric. We're usually able to treat spots and stains, depending on the material. Most upholstery is cleaned on-site, although we will occasionally need to remove a piece of furniture to clean it in our shop.

Contact our cleaning crew today to make an appointment for rug or upholstery cleaning in Hobbs, NM & Seminole, TX.